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Your Posts Make Me Hungry

August 11, 2010

OystersWe’re all connected through food; for some people, it’s simply seen as a necessity for survival, but for someone like me, it’s a passion. Food is a powerful medium that can unite people, as well as something that can bring immense joy and pleasure.

Since I often share my joy of cooking, eating and going to restaurants with friends and family, it’s only fitting that my Facebook profile has turned into an epicenter of all things culinary. Never before has Facebook been more apt to serve the needs of “foodies” like me.

Whether it’s clicking the “Like” button on an article about the latest “World Cup Drinking Game” on or filling your profile “Likes and Interests” with food-related activities that link you to Community Pages of other people who share your interests, Facebook has made it easy to be a foodie in cyberspace. My entire profile is full of links to food articles, reviews of my latest food adventures and connections to my favorite culinary topics.

Eating with Your Eyes
I know I’ve annoyed more than a few of my friends with all of my culinary pictures–a quick mobile snapshot of the braised pork belly on my plate, and two seconds later, my friends know what I’m about to enjoy.

For someone like Kate Anderson French, a professional chef and blogger, documenting the pictures of the food she creates for her weekly dinner parties on her blog Scrumptious Company is just as important as the words she writes. She links her blog to her Facebook Page, which has helped her start her catering business with a bang.

Today’s Special
Food, like fashion, has its hot trends and social networking has shaped one of the latest trends: mobile street food. Vendors are updating their locales daily, complete with special ordering systems and deals. The CurryUpNow cart, which has brought Indian street food to the San Francisco Bay Area, updates the status of its page multiple times a day, letting its fans know where it’ll be, when online ordering is available and when any special items are being featured.

Aside from elusive food carts that send updates on their whereabouts, local restaurants have also turned to Facebook to announce special events and deals. In Atlanta, Radial Cafe tells fans what the specials of the day are and even sends updates to members about upcoming events at its restaurant.

Facebook has made it possible for foodies like me to connect with our culinary stars and share our passion for a special dish or restaurant. So the next time you see a food picture from a friend, you might just be a few clicks away from discovering culinary treasure.

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