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Top 10 Signs You Are The Official Social Media Nerd Of Your Company

August 16, 2010

You may laugh, but some of these from PR@Sunrise are true…

10. People call you by your Twitter handle instead of your real name

9. You hate the fact that someone else is the foursquare Mayor of your company

8. You check for new messages on your Twitter and Facebook accounts more often than you check your e-mail or text messages

7. Just because you are active on social media networks everyone assumes you are a social media expert

6. You’ve created a foursquare check-in for your office desk or cube

5. When you need advice you first reach out to your followers before speaking with personal friends

4. Co-workers constantly ask how you have so much time to Tweet

3. Anytime someone mentions the words ‘social media’ in a brainstorm you’re the first name that comes up in the conversation

2. You get more upset when your favorite blog isn’t mentioned in a rankings list vs. when your clients blog isn’t listed in one

And the number one sign you are the official social media nerd of your company…

1. You’d rather work on a viral campaign for a client than secure a segment on Oprah

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