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The New Battleground for Greenpeace: Social Media

July 20, 2010

Although Kimberly-Clark and Greenpeace ended their dispute last year (watch the “make up” video), Greenpeace has continued it’s media war against other brands like BP and Nestle. The latest media channel to be utilized by Greenpeace is social media, which is already ripe with an audience ready to watch, listen and engage in the battle.
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Sifting Through The Noise

July 18, 2010

Almost daily, information is being made available about users of social media and how marketers are trying to get their heads around finding where their audience is. Needing to show ROI to execs for playing in the social media game is priority #1 for any social media marketing buy-in (and to getting the budget approved to play as well). Read more…

The Journey Begins

July 17, 2010

Everything about this world is in flux. Keeping up with changes in technology, culture, politics and even your own field means constant adaptation and adjustment. This blog chronicles my development in my interest of social media, and how I can push the needle further.

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